James Claude Chaffin
Croasdale Village
Room 146 - The Pavilion
2600 Croasdale Farm Parkway
Durham, NC 27705
Telephone in his room 919-384-2156
Claude now has email access and you can email him at:

k4cwz at earthlink dot net

For those interested, Croasdale Village is a Rehabilitation Center/Retirement Center, just north of I-85 from the Hillandale Road exit (exit 174) as I-85 passes through Durham.  For those familiar with I-85, that's the area just west of the major construction project, near the 15-501 exit. Hillandale Road is the principal "Duke Hospital" exit from I-85.

Anybody passing through the area should include a stop to see our old friend.  It's just 5 minutes from I-85 and a visit might be just the ticket to inspire him to push harder.  Claude expended significant efforts over many years toward ARES and NTS in NC as a leader and a mentor.  It's time for us to "give back" a little.


(The I-85 interchange at Hillandale Rd. is undergoing construction and these directions may vary a bit, depending on the construction activities.)
  In general:
-take I-85 to Durham, NC
-exit I-85 at the Hillandale Rd interchange (exit 174)
-turn NORTH onto Hillandale Rd. (that's LEFT if you're approaching from the South/West {Greensboro] and RIGHT if you're approaching from the North/East [Raleigh]
-proceed on Hillandale Rd. about 1 mile until you reach Carver St. at a stop light.
-turn left onto Carver St. and proceed about 1.5 miles until you reach Croasdale Farm Parkway (intersects on your right side)
-Proceed along Croasdale Farm Parkway about a mile until you reach Croasdale Village on your right.  This is a big facility, spread over many acres.
-turn into Croasdale Village at the first entrance and proceed along that street until you reach "The Pavilion" - a separate building.
-park and enter through the doorway adjacent to the roofed entrance.
-the attendant at the window at the left of the lobby entrance will direct you to Claude's room.

. If you can't visit, send a card or NTS traffic or give him a call.